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Hot Shot’s Secret Introduces Frantz Bypass Filter System

Benefits of the system include improved engine protection, longer engine life and extended oil-drain intervals.

PTC Introduces Extended-Performance Synthetic Oil Filters

PTC’s synthetic oil filters integrate the latest filtration technology for synthetic oil blends to help extend oil-change intervals.

VIDEO: Cartridge Oil Filter Replacement

Cartridge oil filters are becoming more common on import-nameplate vehicles.

VIDEO: Why You Should Recommend High-Quality Oil Filters

Oil filters play a vital role in the operation of a vehicle. This video is sponsored by the Automotive Distribution Network.

WIX Filters Introduced 380 New Parts In 2019

WIX made a decision to focus on premium product launches in 2019.

WATCH: Tips For Installing Cartridge Oil Filters (Part 2)

Keeping up with oil-and-filter changes is a critical maintenance item for any vehicle. In this video, sponsored by MAHLE, we have five more tips for properly installing cartridge oil filters.

Purolator’s Latest Video Highlights Memorable Moments That Unfold Over 15,000 Miles

Purolator has released a new shareable video to help tell the story of a premium PurolatorBOSS Oil Filter.

WATCH: What Is Low-Speed Pre-Ignition?

With more and more vehicles powered by gasoline direct-injected engines and turbocharged direct-injected engines, a phenomenon called low-speed pre-ignition has emerged, and it’s having a big impact on the engine-oil requirements and specifications for late-model vehicles.

WIX Filters Introduces 84 New Parts in 1st Quarter

The parts include 29 light-duty parts and 45 heavy-duty parts, among other new additions, according to the company.

WIX Filters
30 New Filters Added to Purolator, PurolatorONE, PurolatorTECH Lines

These new part numbers include oil, air, cabin air and fuel filters covering late model applications through 2019.

WIX Filters Celebrates 80th Anniversary

WIX first opened its doors in 1939 in Gastonia, North Carolina, where its headquarters are located today.

WIX Filters Releases 464 New Parts Globally in First 3 Quarters of 2018

Product introductions include more than 200 new parts for the international market.