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Plews & Edelmann Adds Power-Steering Hard Parts

The 53 new SKUs provide added coverage for more than 27 million VIO.

Stop Power-Steering ‘Whine’ With New Rislone Additive

Power-steering problems are common in older vehicles, especially those clocking 75,000 miles or more.

CARDONE Launches Modulus Premium Steering Solutions

Modulus represents a new approach to meet the changing demands of the steering aftermarket, the company said.

Modulus Steering Solutions
Electric Power-Assisted Steering (Part 2)

Here are several key things you need to know when dealing with a return scenario.

Unboxing A Modulus Power-Steering Pump For Ford Focus

The folks at Modulus have done their homework by putting themselves in the shoes of the customer.

Cardone Modulus
Electric Power-Assisted Steering (Part 1)

There are three types of EPAS systems: column-mount; electric hydraulic; and electric rack and pinion.

VIDEO: Power-Steering Filtration

Debris in power-steering fluid is the primary cause of power-steering failure.

Power Steering Filter
VIDEO: How To Install A Power-Steering-Pump Pulley

Correct installation of the pulley is a critical part of the process of installing a new power-steering pump

VIDEO: Steering Away From Hydraulic Power Steering

EPS is a much smarter system that offers a number of advantages over hydraulic systems.

Hydraulic vs Electric Power Steering
VIDEO: Ford F-150 EPS-Rack Replacement

Installing electronic steering components requires PMI configuration.

Ford F-150 EPS rack replacement
PWR STEER Training Videos Focus On Power-Steering Systems

The video series provides training on proper servicing, installation and repair of power-steering systems.

Edelmann Elite: ‘One-Stop Resource’ For Power-Steering Parts

The program is designed to eliminate a wide range of warranty issues and inventory headaches.