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Purolator Filters Launches Mobile App For DIYers 

The app includes automotive-filter lookup and an interchange guide.

Purolator Receives 3 Automotive Communication Awards At AAPEX

The categories included Best Article/Blog/Content Piece-Technical; Best Video; and Best Merchandising.

Purolator To Kick Off 100-Year Anniversary At AAPEX

In 2023, Purolator will be commemorating 100 years of “Purifying Your World.”

Purolator Launches National Rebate Campaign

Between July 1 and Aug. 31, consumers can receive up to $15 after a mail-in rebate on up to three qualifying filters.

Cabin Air Filters Capture Viruses, Allergens And Carcinogens

A premium cabin air filter can remove a large percentage of the bad stuff in the air.

Leveraging Branding To Sell Cabin Air Filters

Focus groups have found that most consumers take less than seven seconds to decide about a product or service.

Why Full Synthetic Media is Important

It’s no secret that oil filters maintain proper engine lubrication while removing solid particle debris that could otherwise wreak havoc. After all, changing out the filter during an oil change is one of the major vehicle service needs that every driver must regularly maintain. While most customers have a basic understanding of filters and their

Purolator Honored For Best Business-To-Consumer Website

Women in Auto Care, a community of the Auto Care Association, presented the award at AAPEX in Las Vegas.

Purolator Website
Purolator Launches New Mobile Catalog App

The app allows techs, service writers and shop managers to access the newest catalog information for all Purolator filters.

Purolator Honored By Women In Auto Care For Cabin Air Filter Marketing Campaign

Purolator was honored for three different marketing tactics designed to introduce PurolatorBOSS Premium Cabin Air Filters with Febreze Freshness to fans of the iconic Febreze brand – a primarily female audience.

PurolatorTECH 2020 Catalog Now Available

Designed for automotive technicians and counter professionals, the PurolatorTECH 2020 catalog contains all applications from 2000 to new-model-year vehicles, including more than 50 new oil, air and cabin air filters.

Purolator Promotion Encourages Motorists to Change Cabin Air Filters

The promotion takes place during a prime season for harmful contaminants in the air, from construction-site debris to pollen.