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Recommending Replacement Radiators

A good time to assess the condition of the radiator is when it’s removed for other repairs, such as a timing-belt replacement.

VIDEO: A Closer Look At Radiators

Radiators are the primary component for getting unwanted heat out of the system.

VIDEO: Radiator Flush and Fill

A radiator flush and fill is a common service for vehicles.

Spectra Premium Sees ‘Huge Racing Success’ with its High-Performance Radiators

Last November, Spectra Premium received NASCAR’s authorization to feature its radiators in the NASCAR Xfinity and then-NASCAR Camping World Truck series.

Diagnosing Coolant Leaks

Coolant leaks can be challenging to pinpoint despite evidence lying in a puddle under the car.

Spectra Premium Appoints Collin Francis to VP of Sales and Marketing – Aftermarket USA and Europe

In the new role, Francis will be responsible for leading all sales and marketing efforts within the U.S., European and Latin American operations while continuing to manage global marketing efforts.

Spectra Premium Announces Personnel Changes in Aftermarket Division

The company appointed Martin Brazeau to vice president aftermarket product; Eric Renaud as corporate director, category management aftermarket; and Aaron Athey as corporate director, product development aftermarket.

Spectra Premium Introduces Several New CAPA-Certified Radiators In May Product Release

Spectra Premium’s lineup of CAPA-certified radiators covers more than 20 parts for more than 20 million vehicles in operation in North America.

Spectra Premium Releases 103 New SKUs Covering 38 Million Vehicles

Spectra Premium’s latest product release includes 103 new SKUs, covering more than 38 million vehicles on the road today, according to the company.

Keeping Your Cool (With Automotive Radiator Warranties)

In my opinion, the best warranty is one you never have to use, writes Counterman contributor Thomas Dayton.

New One-Step Bar’s Leaks Liquid Copper Block Seal

Bar’s Leaks has reformulated its popular Liquid Copper Block Seal Intake and Radiator Stop Leak to make it the only one-step copper block seal on the market. Simply pour it into the radiator, idle the engine for five minutes, cool, top off with coolant and go. Liquid Copper (p/n 1109) uses an advanced antifreeze-compatible sodium silicate