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Launch Tech Introduces IP65 Protected Scan Tool

The scan tool features Tech To Tech Live Remote Diagnostic Support capability.

The Importance Of Using Diagnostic Scan Tools

These scan tools function like a tablet computer, allowing access to repair-specific videos, OE service information and real-world repair databases. Having the information in the shop can save technicians time, and for them, time is money.

Software Update Enables Bosch Aftermarket Scan Tool to Unlock, Diagnose Late-Model Fiat Chrysler Vehicles

Until Bosch’s latest software update, only the Fiat Chrysler U.S. dealership diagnostic tool has been supporting scan-tool authentication for SGW unlock, Bosch noted.

TPMS: Relearn and Programming Misconceptions

Servicing vehicles with TPMS is a challenge (at best) without the correct installation information, parts and tools.

WATCH: Leveraging Your Relationship with Shop Owners to Sell Tools and Equipment

As you talk to your commercial customers about their tool and equipment needs, you might want to focus on common, everyday shop goods.