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VIDEO: MAF vs. MAP Sensors

Before an engine-management system can accurately control the air-fuel mixture and spark timing, it needs to know how much air is entering the engine.

VIDEO: A Closer Look At Oxygen Sensors

In a closed-loop system, the O2 sensor monitors the air/fuel ratio 100 times per second to make minor fuel-trim corrections.

Understanding Oxygen Sensors

They play a vital role in achieving the stoichiometric ideal.

MAF vs. MAP Sensors

These hard-working sensors play a key role in regulating the engine’s air/fuel ratio.

Wells Vehicle Electronics Awarded For Rotary Position Sensor

The announcement was made during the Fierce Electronics Sensors Expo Fall 2020 Awards Ceremony on Monday, Nov. 16.

VIDEO: Automotive Sensors 101

Most late-model vehicles have an average of 60 to 100 sensors on board.

SMP Adds 245 New Parts For Standard, Intermotor

The release spans 51 product categories and expands coverage by more than 212 million VIO.

WVE Vehicle Electronics Introduces 203 New Part Numbers In June

The new parts cover more than 63.6 million vehicles in operation.

WVE Vehicle Electronics Launched 121 New Part Numbers In April

The part numbers are for a variety of ignition products, emissions products, sensors and switches.

Wells Expands WVE Vehicle Electronics Brand

The expansion allows Wells to best serve the unique needs of the automotive aftermarket.

The Rise Of Automotive Sensors

Sensors are expected to grow in use due to new concepts in emissions reduction.

United Motor Products Adds 12 New Sensor Categories

With the continued growth in the engine management space, UMP is adding product lines that help increase the margins and ROI of its customers.