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VIDEO: Why Shocks And Struts Wear Down

Shocks and struts are subjected to dirt, extreme temperature shifts, moisture, salt and other chemicals, in addition to the wear and tear of bumps and potholes.

Why shocks and struts wear down
VIDEO: Recommend OE-Quality Strut Assemblies

A weak spring can cause problems with the vehicle’s steering and handling, and the electronic stability control.

PRT Named TecDoc-Certified Data Supplier In Europe

TecDoc serves as a unique reference guide for up-to-date and comprehensive repair.

PRT Opens New Warehouse In Atlanta

The 108,000-square-foot facility boasts 20 docks and six-level shelves.

PRT Adds 149 Complete Strut Assemblies

The portfolio additions in the North American market cover more than 50 million vehicles in operation.

PRT Releases 126 New Strut Assemblies In North America

PRT is a brand of the ADD USA group, one of the largest exporters of complete strut assemblies in the world.

#PRTMYCAR Garners Thousands Of Social Media Views

PRT’s campaign aims to help distributors, shops and end users identify the PRT parts for the vehicles being repaired.

PRT Launches 66 Complete Strut Assemblies

The new products represent more than 8 million vehicles in new coverage for North America.

PRT Expands Portfolio Of Complete Strut Assemblies

The new products cover more than 6 million vehicles in operation.

VIDEO: What Tires Tell Us About Shocks and Struts (Part 2)

The wear patterns on tires are visual representations of how the vehicle is performing and how owners are maintaining their vehicles.

PRT Shocks, Struts Now Available In US

PRT is a new name in ride-control products, but its parent company has been an OE manufacturer for 30 years.

Arnott Introduces New Premium Air Suspension Struts For Volvo SPA Platform Models

Arnott’s new Volvo struts, AS-3343 and AS-3344, feature premium Eibach dampers tuned to provide an OE-like ride.