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WATCH: What Is Low-Speed Pre-Ignition?

With more and more vehicles powered by gasoline direct-injected engines and turbocharged direct-injected engines, a phenomenon called low-speed pre-ignition has emerged, and it’s having a big impact on the engine-oil requirements and specifications for late-model vehicles.

WATCH: What Causes Power-Steering Problems?

The most common reason for a loss of power steering is a fluid leak.

‘How Brake Pads Are Made’ Video Reaches 1 Million Views

YouTube celebrity Chris Fix uploaded a video to YouTube showing how a brake pad is manufactured, from the stamping of the backing plate to installation on his vehicle.

WATCH: Why You Should Recommend High-Quality Oil Filters

Today’s oil filters have to collect many times more dirt, filter out finer particles and last longer.

Spin-on Oil Filters vs. Cartridge-Style – WATCH

A customer wants to know if spin-oil filters are better than cartridge-style filters, or vice versa. We’ll give you a few talking points … on Talking Parts.

WATCH: What Are Oil Additives?

Any product added to motor oil in a vehicle engine is considered an oil additive.

Timing Kits Have Become a Popular Combo Meal for Technicians

Nearly half of the timing belts on vehicles also drive the water pump, which is why most technicians change them both at the same time.

TPMS Sensors Are Safety-Critical Components

TPMS sensors don’t last forever, and counter pros should be knowledgeable about the basics of these systems.

Diagnosing Coolant Leaks

Coolant leaks can be challenging to pinpoint despite evidence lying in a puddle under the car.

WATCH: What Should Your Customers Know About Turbochargers?

Educating your customers can help them get the most out of this technology that’s making its way into more and more mainstream vehicles.

What Does a Muffler Really Do?

There’s a lot more to muffler science than meets the eye.

Don’t Forget New Brake Hardware

New brake hardware is cheap insurance for the technician – and an easy add-on sale for the parts pro.