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What Does a Muffler Really Do?

There’s a lot more to muffler science than meets the eye.

Don’t Forget New Brake Hardware

New brake hardware is cheap insurance for the technician – and an easy add-on sale for the parts pro.

WATCH: How Map-Controlled Thermostats Work

An operating map stored in the engine control unit has predefined set points for the vehicle load and speed that determine the ideal coolant temperature for the driving situation, and when and how coolant should be circulated.

WATCH: Oil Supplement Improves Performance of Any Engine Oil

Hy-per Lube also helps restore horsepower and torque and quiets noisy engines, making high-mileage engines run better and last longer.

WATCH: Understanding Automotive Thermostats

Thermostat technology is changing and giving more control to the engine computer, which is a good thing for gas mileage.

Air Filters: The Driving Environment Makes a Difference

The environment in which the vehicle is driven can mean the difference between changing the air filter at the maximum recommended service interval or the minimum.

Oil Additives 101: From Compression Builders to Smoke Treatments

This product segment includes compression builders, engine stop-leak products, engine treatments, motor-flush products, oil stabilizers, oil treatments and smoke treatments.

Friction Materials Standards Institute Database Now Lists OEM Brake Pads that Include Mechanical Attachment

The part numbers and associated applications represent about 30 percent of the cars, trucks and school buses on the roads in North America, according to the institute.

Automotive Scan Tools Are Like Modern-Day Wrenches

The type of scan tool that’s used for diagnostics can mean the difference between fixing the problem and just probing around the issue and not getting anywhere.

Broken Ball Joint: A DIYer’s Perspective

Broken suspension components can ruin a vehicle owner’s day. I’m speaking from experience.

Counter Spark Knock with High-Octane Fuel

When fuel is ignited seemingly at random and without the aid of a spark plug firing, it’s called spark knock – which is another term for detonation.

Blown Head Gasket Symptoms: WATCH

A blown head gasket requires immediate attention before it does additional damage to the engine. Unfortunately, the signs aren’t always obvious.