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Windshield Wipers Need to Be Replaced at Least Once a Year

For whatever reason, windshield wipers are one of the most neglected parts on a vehicle.

Cartridge vs. Spin-on Oil Filters

No matter what style of oil filter your customer needs, the quality of the element is what’s most important.

Extreme-Weather Driving: Sales Opportunities for Auto Parts Professionals

Counter pros are in an ideal position to help motorists prepare for Mother Nature’s wrath.

Brake Friction: Understanding the FMSI D-Number

The FMS part-numbering system ensures that from the manufacturer through the parts store and repair shop, one part number is used as the standard and as a common language.

Ignition Coils: Last Remnant of the Traditional Ignition System

Although the basic principles of induction and electromagnetism haven’t changed in the 100-plus years since its introduction, the current incarnation of the ignition coil is a much more reliable, compact and long-lasting unit than those used in previous designs.

Serpentine Belt Sizing Issue for Auto Parts Professionals

Translating a belt’s length or markings into a usable part number can be challenging, especially given all the different ways customers present their requests.

Automotive Batteries: Jump-Start Your Knowledge

In the automotive world, lead-acid batteries have been a mainstay for many decades, and it’s been more than 50 years since we went from six-volts to 12-volts as standard battery power.

Why Fuel Injectors Fail

Fuel injection has been the primary system in nearly every production engine made in the past two decades.

Power-Assisted Braking: How It Works, and What Can Go Wrong

A power booster gives the brake system superpowers – allowing a grandmother on the way to church to stop as quickly as Arnold Schwarzenegger on the way to his helicopter.

Starters and Alternators: When a Return Shouldn’t Be a Return

As many as eight in 10 returns of starters and alternators turn out to be false failures. Usually, misdiagnosis is the culprit.

What Causes Water Pumps to Fail?

Water pumps can fail prematurely due to corrosion inside the cooling system or from an imbalanced water-pump shaft. But in most instances, water pumps fail because of shaft leaks.

WIX Filters Releases 464 New Parts Globally in First 3 Quarters of 2018

Product introductions include more than 200 new parts for the international market.