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Independent Rear Suspension and Alignment

Independent rear suspensions have many advantages over solid (beam) axle designs, including ride quality, handling and adjustability of alignment angles.

WATCH: Overlooked Gasket Sales Opportunities

Many gasket sales can get overlooked because customers don’t realize they need certain gaskets to complete a repair job.

‘Tis the Season for 4-Wheel Drive

Transfers cases, axle actuators and other 4WD components need attention this time of year.

When Long-Life Spark Plugs Don’t Go the Distance

The extended life of premium plugs doesn’t always ring true in real-life driving, where conditions may not be optimal for achieving the promised results.

Brake Pads: When to Replace, When to Upgrade

Brake pads come in many different shapes and sizes, as well as compounds.

Conventional Oils vs. Synthetics: It’s All About that Base

The base oil is what determines if the oil is considered a synthetic or conventional oil.

WATCH: Choosing the Right Seal for Wheel Bearings

Seals are a key component of the wheel-bearing system.

WATCH: The Importance of Proper Clearance and Play in Maximizing Bearing Life

In a recent Schaeffler webinar, ASE-certified technician Roger Gillette talked about why it’s important to set the proper clearance and play during installation of wheel bearings.

WATCH: How Have Wheel Bearings Changed Over the Years?

Prior to the introduction of compact wheel-bearing units, wheel bearings were serviceable and had to be removed, cleaned, inspected and repacked with wheel-bearing grease every few years.

Basic Types of Wheel Bearings [Video]

Most automotive wheel bearings are one of two basic designs: ball bearings or tapered roller bearings. Each type of bearing has pros and cons, depending on the application.

WATCH: What Do Wheel Bearings Do?

Wheel bearings might not be the sexiest part of a vehicle, but that shouldn’t diminish the Herculean role these safety-critical components play in the vehicle’s chassis system.

WATCH: What Do You Know About OAD Pulleys?

You can think of the OAD pulley as a tuning device for the engine’s drive-belt system.