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Suspension Solutions For Fleets And High-Usage Vehicles

These vehicles need a “better-than-original” solution.

A Closer Look At Synthetic Engine Oil

Synthetic oil still is made from petroleum crude oil, but a more refined crude oil.

Selling Lubricants For Heavy Trucks And Equipment

Be sure to recommend an engine oil that meets that lubrication requirements of these vehicles.

Maintenance Tips To Help Your Customers Maximize Gas Mileage

Your customers can stretch those gallons further by spending a little on preventative maintenance before they pack the car and pull out of the driveway.

Why Recommend High-Ignitability Spark Plugs?

Your customers can reap the benefits of greater combustion efficiency, better fuel economy and improved engine performance with high-ignitability aftermarket spark plugs.

Asking The Right Questions For Diagnosing Vehicle Electronics

Today’s vehicles are more reliant on computers and electronics than ever before, and diagnosis needs to be performed from a systems perspective.

A Closer Look At Crankshaft Position Sensors

The ECU needs to know the position of the crankshaft at all times.

Selling Reman Air Disc Brakes For Class 7-8 Vehicles

Air disc brakes offer many advantages over their predecessor.

Selling Ride Control With Safety

The condition of a vehicle’s shocks and struts affects the performance of other safety systems, like stability control and antilock braking.

Selling Performance Mufflers

When selling performance mufflers to your customers, it’s always valuable to them if they can hear the different exhaust products.

Understanding Gasoline Direct Injection

Be sure to recommend quality GDI components that are rigorously tested and manufactured to precise standards.

Recommending Premium Oil Filters

The best way to protect customers’ investment in premium oil is to pair it with a premium filter.