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The Evolution of Thermostats (Part 2)

The electronically controlled thermostat is the latest innovation in the evolutionary chain.

The Evolution of Thermostats (Part 1)

Early thermostats utilized a bellows system.

VIDEO: Electronically Controlled Thermostats

Shop owner Donny Seyfer explores the operation for these next-generation thermostats. This video is sponsored by MAHLE.

Rein Automotive Thermostat Hoses Feature Upgraded Metal Connector

The thermostat hoses are upgrade replacements for a range of popular BMW models.

Radiator: The Heart of a Vehicle’s Cooling System

Today, most radiators use aluminum cores with plastic headers to save cost and weight.

WATCH: How Map-Controlled Thermostats Work

An operating map stored in the engine control unit has predefined set points for the vehicle load and speed that determine the ideal coolant temperature for the driving situation, and when and how coolant should be circulated.

Stant Unveils New Catalog For Replacement Caps, Thermostats

Featuring applications for passenger cars and light trucks, the new trilingual catalog is available online and in print.