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TPMS Explained in New Video from Car Care Council

Produced in conjunction with AutoNetTV Media, the new video discusses the importance of monitoring the vehicle’s tire pressure and explains that when the TPMS warning light goes on, tire pressure has fallen by at least 25% of what is recommended for that specific vehicle.

TPMS Sensors Usually Last About As Long As A Good Set Of Tires

TPMS systems are touted as being life-savers. However, they also can be rather annoying at times.

Add Your Vehicle To ‘Spring Forward’ Safety Checklist: Car Care Council

As you set your clocks forward on March 11, and plan to check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, take a few steps to make sure your vehicle is safe and road-trip ready, the Car Care Council says.

TPMS Sensor Replacement: Making Do With Fewer SKUs

Talk about a guaranteed replacement market. There are probably more than 175 million vehicles on the road today with TPMS – and each vehicle has four sensors.