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The Group Approves US Motor Works

US Motor Works has four retail brands: USMW Professional Series, USMW HD, Derale Performance and Pacer Performance Products.

US Motor Works Introduces 6 New Fuel Pumps

The new fuel pumps are in stock and ready to order.

US Motor Works Releases 6 New Water Pumps

The latest 6 new water pumps are now in stock and ready to order.

US Motor Works Receives Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance Award

The company received the 2019 Supplier Award from the Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance for Outstanding Shipping Performance for shipping 98.7% fill on average the whole year.

Automotive Parts Associates Recognizes New Shareholders, Outstanding Suppliers

While celebrating the nonprofit cooperative’s 45th year, the group maintained its dedication and resolve to promote “Allies for Success” as a reminder to all shareholders and suppliers that the organization’s strength and prosperity lies in the unity created by beneficial partnerships forged between all stakeholders.