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VIDEO: Proper Use Of Sealant During Water-Pump Installation

Most water-pump failures are caused by factors other than a faulty pump.

Water Pump and Sealant
AISIN Publishes Video On Water-Pump Timing-Belt Kits

AISIN Aftermarket has issued the latest installment in a series of AISIN University training videos.

US Motor Works Releases 6 New Water Pumps

The latest 6 new water pumps are now in stock and ready to order.

WATCH: What to Do When a Shop Returns a Timing-Belt Kit

A lot of returns on timing belts come from the shop not installing all of the components inside the kit.

Getting (Water) Pumped Up For The Automotive Aftermarket

Like other electrical parts, problems with an electric water pump can occur for a variety of reasons other than a failure of the part itself. A bad wiring connection, corroded ground connection, low voltage supply or bad relay or fuse may prevent an auxiliary water pump from running. It’s important to rule out these possibilities before replacing the pump.