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Continental Debuts Full Line Of ClearContact Premium Beam Windshield Wiper Blades

With the program’s 14 front-windshield part numbers in stock, shops can cover over 94% of passenger cars and light trucks that come in for service, according to the company.

Extreme-Weather Driving: Sales Opportunities for Auto Parts Professionals

Counter pros are in an ideal position to help motorists prepare for Mother Nature’s wrath.

TRICO Receives Outstanding Shipping Performance Award from Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance

Trico Products earned the award for delivering Alliance member orders with a fill rate of 95 percent or greater.

Bosch Wiper Blades: FOCUS Introduced

Bosch FOCUS is available at O’Reilly Auto Parts stores in the United States and at

ITW Global Brands Launches Rain-X Silicone Wiper Blade

The Rain-X Silicone AdvantEdge squeegee is proven to last two times longer than traditional rubber squeegees, and features Climate Defense technology that protects the squeegee against long-term exposure to ozone, UV rays, snow and ice, according to the company.

TRICO Announces TRICO Titan Ultra-Premium Wiper Line

TRICO Titan is an American-made wiper-blade line featuring an all-new, exclusive Z7 blade treatment engineered to boost wiper life.

Aftermarket Offers Replacement Washer Fluid Reservoirs For Many Makes, Models

As a driver, there are few things as disappointing as pressing the windshield washer button and … nothing happens.