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Tenneco Expands And Enhances Monroe ProSolution Brake Pad Offering


MONROE, Mich. – Tenneco has announced a significant expansion and several enhancements to its Monroe ProSolution line of replacement brake pads. The company has introduced 184 additional pad sets and launched its next-generation premium performing ceramic and semi-metallic friction formulations across the full product line. According to Tenneco, Monroe ProSolution brake pads provide premium technology and performance at a lower price, offering automotive service providers an excellent friction product option that will help them satisfy the needs of all of their customers.


The new pad sets expand the Monroe ProSolution offering to 734 part numbers, covering more than 94 percent of the brake pad product needs for most professional service providers, the company notes. Tenneco also has added stainless steel noise elimination hardware kits and electric wire wear sensors to most applications where required.

Monroe ProSolution pad sets also now feature the brand’s latest premium-level ceramic and semi-metallic friction formulations, which provide exceptional noise reduction, long pad life and superior stopping performance, Tenneco says.

“The Monroe ProSolution line is truly an outstanding value and friction product option for all professional repair providers. These pads offer many premium features sold at a much lower price than this level of quality would normally cost,” said Tom Connelly, Monroe Brakes national marketing and sales manager. “Customers expect more from the Monroe brand, and we continue to provide a significant competitive advantage in technology, performance and total value.”


In conjunction with the expanded line and introduction of enhanced formulations and noise elimination kits, Tenneco has introduced new packaging for the brand, which the company says more clearly highlights key product features and benefits.

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