U-POL's Dolphin Speed Glaze And Rapid System Primer

U-POL’s Dolphin Speed Glaze And Rapid System Primer

Dolphin Speed Glaze is a semi-flexible formula that dries and powders fast – reducing cycle times and boosting profits.

This video highlights some of the ways your auto body customers can save time and money when they use U-POL’s glazes and primers.

Specifically, Dan Reutter, technical specialist with U-POL, talks about the features and benefits of Dolphin SpeedGlaze and Rapid System Primer.  

Dolphin Speed Glaze features a semi-flexible formula that dries and powders fast – reducing cycle times and boosting profits. Recommended for use with U-POL’s Rapid System Primer, Dolphin Speed Glaze is compatible with galvanized metal, plastics, fiberglass and properly abraded e-coat surfaces.

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