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Unboxing A Modulus Power-Steering Pump For Ford Focus

The folks at Modulus have done their homework by putting themselves in the shoes of the customer.


Let’s check out this brand-new power steering pump from Modulus.


This new power-steering pump from Modulus comes in a slick graphic box, and the pump looks like it’s safe and secure in there.

The pump fits the 2006 to 2011 Ford Focus, and you’ll notice that the pulley is pre-installed on the unit, which brings us right to the point on what makes Modulus stand out from other brands.

The folks at Modulus have done their homework when it comes to putting themselves in the shoes of a customer installing their product on a vehicle. Not only do they include important components needed for installation, but they’ve also taken the time to determine whether it’s best to pre-install certain components on the unit or just include them in the box.


This is all done at the application level, so product configurations are based on make, model and year of the vehicle the part is designed to fit.

This video is sponsored by Cardone.

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