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United Motor Products Celebrates 30 Years, Introduces 17 New Engine-Management Product Lines

More than 4,000 new cataloged SKUs have been added and released to all major catalog providers.


United Motor Products (UMP) is celebrating 30 years in business and a major expansion of its product lines. 


Cleveland-based UMP sells its brand of products into the automotive, marine, agricultural, industrial and high-performance markets.  

UMP has added 17 new engine-management product lines to its current offering of ignition, wire and cable, for a total of 28 categories. More than 4,000 new cataloged SKUs have been added and released to all major catalog providers.

“With the need for a viable source for engine management products, United has committed to expanding its offerings. Providing high-quality products, exemplary customer service and customized inventory solutions, all at competitive pricing, sets us apart from the competition,” said Rick Maxwell, president of United Motor Products.

Along with United’s branded product lines, the company also offers the ability to provide customized private-label programs. Marketing material, inventory management and contract manufacturing are additional services provided to its customers.  


“Growing sales with our customers, not to our customers, continues to be at the forefront of our business strategy,” added Maxwell.

With current and future growth projections, the need for increased capacity at the manufacturing and distribution level was needed. In 2015, a second facility was opened in Florida. With the added manufacturing capacity and capabilities, United provides its customers the products and inventory needed for today’s distribution needs.

UMP’s portfolio includes ignition-wire sets; coil-on-plug assemblies; control modules; caps, rotors, points and condensers; battery cables; and an array of engine sensors.

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