University Of The Aftermarket, Auto Care Association To Host ACES And PIES Training Seminar

University Of The Aftermarket, Auto Care Association To Host ACES-PIES Training Seminar

The two-day seminar explains the foundation of data standards for aftermarket content professionals.

MIDLAND, Mich. – The University of the Aftermarket, in partnership with the Auto Care Association and the Automotive Content Managers Association, will host a two-day seminar on the implementation and management of automotive catalog and product information standards.

The program will be held July 18-19 in Farmington Hills, Mich.

The program was developed for catalog managers and product information professionals who would like to sharpen their knowledge and management of the industry data standards, ACES and PIES. Seminar topics will include:

ACES Topics

  • Understanding the role and value of an aftermarket data standards detailed explanation of the Auto Care database structure
  • Getting started with a catalog data management plan
  • Planning and consideration for pillars of Product Information Management (PIM)
  • Building the foundation – Brand, Match, ACES, Attributes, exercises and Web browsing
  • Understanding the ACES documentation and rules
  • Database examples, mapping exercise and file exchange
  • Working with the Vehicle Configuration Database (VCdb)

PIES Topics

  • Understanding PIES documentation and rules
  • Best practices in digital assets and market copy
  • Working with product attributes
  • Applying the standard to increasing sales

Participants will receive 1.0 CEUs toward completion of their Automotive Aftermarket Professional (AAP) or Master Automotive Aftermarket Professional (MAAP) designations. Additionally, the course fulfills the ACES and PIES training requirement for the Automotive Content Professional (ACP) designation.

Instruction for the seminar will make extensive use of Web-based content and live data exercises. Attendees are required to bring a laptop, tablet or other wireless Internet-capable device.

All materials will be electronic, and Web exercises will have students taking the first steps toward standards compliance before they leave the seminar. Instruction will be led by leaders of the Auto Care Association Technology Standards Committee and principal architects of the industry standards.

Registration is available at the University of the Aftermarket website, Click “Course Calendar” and scroll down to the July 18-19 Aftermarket Data Standards registration link. The registration fee is $725 for Auto Care Association or Automotive Content Managers Association members and $850 for non-members.

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