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UPS Survey Reveals Automotive Aftermarket Online Consumer Preferences

Study suggests techniques to gain competitive market share.



A new study, titled “UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper for Automotive Parts & Accessories Buyers,” reveals findings about online consumers that the shipping company says can help aftermarket automotive suppliers compete more effectively.
Among the study’s primary findings were:

1. Although price is a major factor in the online purchasing process, automotive parts and accessories (AP&A) survey respondents said non-price features, such as the seller’s return policy, product selection and shipping options make up 60 percent of all comparison-shopping considerations.

2. Online sellers who can best meet and manage their online customers’ expectations may have a more meaningful advantage over their competition, according to recent comScore research.


3. Seventy-five percent reported that they have added additional items to their shopping carts to qualify for free shipping.

4. Online shoppers are willing to wait up to seven days to receive their shipment in exchange for no additional fees.

Additional survey findings include:

Channel Preference and Usage

·  Sixty-one percent prefer to shop online while only 27 percent prefer to purchase in-store.
·  Forty-six percent of online shopping occurs between the hours of 6 and 9 p.m. For sellers, this means that later order cut-off times could be a potential differentiator and a customer service advantage over the competition.
·  Thirty-nine percent of AP&A shoppers report spending $250 or more from their computer versus 11 percent on tablet devices and 9 percent through their smartphone. The growing adoption of mobile and tablet devices imply that sellers should closely monitor demand of this channel preference and adapt their sales channel strategy accordingly.
· One in 10 buyers prefer to shop using a mobile device or tablet.


Shopper Satisfaction

· Although 81 percent of AP&A shoppers surveyed were satisfied overall with the shopping experience, they are the least satisfied with the amount of control and flexibility they have when it comes to the delivery of their purchases. Shoppers are looking for more flexibility to choose delivery dates and times, ability to pick up their order at a convenient retail location, flexibility to re-route packages and environmentally “green” shipping options.
·  Fifty-three percent of AP&A buyers said the availability of free or discounted shipping on automotive websites needs the most improvement. This was followed by 42 percent who would like ease of checkout improvements and 40 percent who were looking for more clear and easy understanding of the seller’s return policy.
· Forty-eight percent said they abandoned their online shopping cart if the shipping cost was higher than they expected or if they discovered that their order wasn’t large enough to qualify for free shipping.



· Ninety-six percent of respondents indicated the ability to track their shipment is important.


· Fifty-nine percent reported being satisfied with the ease of making returns and exchanges, indicating there is room for improvement in this area.
· Seventy-one percent of online shoppers said they are more likely to purchase from a seller for the first time if that seller has a “hassle-free” returns policy.
· Restocking fees were a deal-breaker for most shoppers. Shoppers also said they are less likely to make a purchase if they have to pay a restocking fee, even if the actual return shipping is free.

Survey Methodology: The data used for the study was extracted from the second annual UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper Study – a survey of 3,000 online consumers. The AP&A study on automotive aftermarket buyers was tabulated from nearly 200 respondents who shop online for automotive parts and accessories.


For a copy of the UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper for Automotive Parts & Accessories customer experience study, visit

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