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Vertical Development Celebrates 30 Years In Aftermarket Parts Sales

In 30 years, Vertical Development’s reach has grown to include products at each stage of aftermarket parts sales.


Vertical Development Inc. announced that the company is celebrating its 30th year in operations.


Naperville, Ill.-based Vertical Development got its start as a small programming firm, but soon shifted gears to digital catalog development when contracting with Champion Laboratories in neighboring Albion, Ill. Today, the technology development firm provides digital catalog software and services to more than 300 aftermarket brands.

Since 1987, Vertical Development has worked with aftermarket companies to understand their business needs first and develop solutions that streamline processes, increase efficiencies and ensure industry compliance. Each year, the company takes those findings and creates a development roadmap for future product upgrades and industry innovations.

Last year, Vertical Development announced significant upgrades to its catalog software and systems including near real-time inventory management and stock status updates, a direct result of feedback and feature requests from clients.


“Over the last seven years we have been standardizing our vCat application, allowing us to add features and roll them out to our clients quickly,” said Jay Wright, president of Vertical Development. “We have grown from a software provider to full-service catalog services organization and will continue to operate on the cutting edge of technology to bring state-of-the-art aftermarket catalogs to our clients.”

Covering Each Stage Of Aftermarket Parts Sales

In 30 years, Vertical Development’s reach has grown to include products at each stage of aftermarket parts sales, from digital catalog development to data mapping to eCommerce and mobile apps. The company’s base software lets clients easily map their catalog to common industry formats including ACES, PIES and NAPA PartsPro for distribution to wholesalers and retailers, while its ShowMeTheParts database – the world’s largest public parts database – makes it easy to set up websites for parts information and sales through computers and mobile devices.


Today, Vertical Development’s software provides coverage reports using Vehicles in Operation (VIO) information from Experian or IHS/Polk. VIO reports help managers quickly find gaps in coverage. Also, support for comment translations in French and Spanish have been added to Vertical Development’s software, making it easy for clients publishing catalogs either directly or through ACES. It also ensures greater readability for end users across North America.

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Vertical Development said it plans to release a schedule of presentations to help aftermarket companies and other tech firms look to the future and grow. To receive notifications of the presentation schedule and other aftermarket news, visit www.verticaldev.com/newsletter-sign-up.

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