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VIDEO: Understanding The Gold AGM Battery

AGM technology improves how a battery stores and discharges energy.


Battery technology has made considerable advancements in the past decade – and we’re not talking about lithium-ion batteries.

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AGM (absorbed glass-mat) technology has enabled GM and other automakers to improve the fuel economy and comfort of a vehicle.

AGM also has made stop-start technology a reality. A stop-start system on a GM vehicle can improve fuel economy by 5% to 7%.

An AGM battery delivers more cranking amps and can cycle deeper than a conventional flooded battery. This allows the vehicle owner to run the air conditioning and play the radio when the engine is stopped. On the starting side, an AGM battery can quickly deliver the cranking required to start the engine and pull away from a stop.


Before you replace a battery, make sure to look at the label to see if it is an AGM battery. Also, confirm with the catalog if the application requires an AGM battery.

Just remember, a battery may fit the application, but it might not perform like the original. To find out more, visit

This video is sponsored by ACDelco.

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