WATCH: Overlooked Gasket Sales Opportunities

WATCH: Overlooked Gasket Sales Opportunities

Many gasket sales can get overlooked because customers don’t realize they need certain gaskets to complete a repair job.

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The average vehicle has hundreds of gaskets. They’re in the engine. They’re on the exhaust system. They’re even used around the doors and windows.

With so many gaskets on a vehicle, they probably sell themselves, right? Well, that’s not always the case. In fact, many gasket sales can get overlooked because customers don’t realize they need certain gaskets to complete a repair job.

A great example is a leaky intake manifold gasket, which actually might require multiple replacement gaskets – not just the one that’s leaking. The same goes for head gaskets. Replacing an intake manifold gasket or head gasket requires a lot of engine disassembly, which means more than one gasket usually needs to be replaced.

Also, DIYers might not realize that the molded rubber valve cover, timing cover and oil-pan gaskets are not designed to be reused. The same goes for carrier-style intake manifold gaskets. If you reuse one of these, it could leak coolant and/or vacuum.

Exhaust manifold gaskets are especially leak-prone if they’re reused after a cylinder-head or exhaust repair. And reusing a head gasket is an even worse no-no. Once it’s been torqued down, it may be permanently deformed and won’t reseal properly if reused.

In the next video, we’ll talk about some more gasket sales opportunities.

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