Welcome To The New Counterman

Welcome To The New Counterman

Since October 1983, Counterman has been dedicated to serving the hard-working men and women on the front line of parts distribution, whether they're jobbers, retailers or WDs.

Whether you’re reading this at work, at home or at AAPEX in Las Vegas, welcome to the new Counterman. For those of you who have been reading Counterman for a while, aftermarketNews should have a familiar ring to it. That’s because aftermarketNews, or AMN, served as the news department in Counterman for a number of years.

Babcox Media, the publisher of Counterman, launched the AMN website and daily newsletter in 1999. It didn’t take long for the AMN Daily to
establish itself as a must-read newsletter for aftermarket leaders and decision-makers, and today it boasts the highest open rate that I’ve ever seen in my 15 years in business-to-business publishing. Over the years, Babcox has added several other newsletters to the AMN portfolio – AMN Global, AMN Weekly and AMN People – all of which have loyal followings.

Since October 1983, Counterman has been dedicated to serving the hard-working men and women on the front line of parts distribution, whether they’re jobbers, retailers or WDs. But we also know there’s plenty of overlap between Counterman and AMN. Many Counterman readers are at the managerial level and higher. And we know there are leaders in the major aftermarket trade associations, program groups and other organizations who see the value in both publications. So we decided to launch AMN, the magazine, with the goal of being the leading source of news and information for the entire distribution sector.

If anything, I believe the pairing of AMN and Counterman emphasizes the vital role that counter pros continue to play in the distribution chain. That’s why you’ll see articles on parts specialists in the pages of AMN as well as Counterman. Whether it’s two-step or three-step distribution, counter pros continue to exert a lot of influence on the buying decisions of commercial and DIY customers.

Still, the rise of online research and buying underscores the importance of continuing education and training for parts specialists. Your technical knowledge, research acumen and customer-service skills are your value proposition. That’s why Counterman has dedicated the October issue to helping our readers prep for the ASE P2 test. Even if you’re not planning to take the test anytime soon, it can be fun to quiz yourself on your automotive knowledge. Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoy our expanded coverage of the business of selling parts.

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