What are the advantages of a cross-drilled, vented rotor versus a stock vented rotor?

What are the advantages of a cross-drilled, vented rotor versus a stock vented rotor?

What are the advantages of a cross-drilled, vented rotor versus a stock vented rotor? I recently had a customer return a pair of stock rotors for his truck because "they just won't stop it". My common sense tells me that a cross-drilled rotor has less surface area for the brake pad to grab, therefore less stopping power. The only advantage I could see with a cross-drilled rotor was the ability to dissipate heat more efficiently. The guy had some kind of 36-inch lift if that has anything to do with it.

Cross-drilled rotors are claimed to run as much as 100 degrees F cooler
than regular rotors. The advantage is most evident when towing trailers and
descending long grades. Apart from those extreme conditions, you’re right,
less surface area, less friction.

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