What Can Go Wrong With Automotive Cooling Systems?

What Can Go Wrong With Automotive Cooling Systems?

A number of potential problems can be traced back to the antifreeze/coolant.

Antifreeze/coolant is a critical element of a vehicle’s cooling system.  

It helps maintain a consistent temperature that won’t overheat components such as the cylinder head. It also provides corrosion protection, and it helps prevent vital engine parts from freezing and cracking during extremely cold conditions. 

Just how important is coolant? According to Prestone, coolant touches 17 essential parts of an engine, which can collectively equal up to 25% of the cost of a vehicle.

So what can go wrong with the cooling system? Well, a number of potential problems can be traced back to the antifreeze/coolant – if it’s neglected, in poor condition or the wrong kind is being used.

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