Why am I having to use my phone to retrieve information?

Why am I having to use my phone to retrieve information?

Our system is so slow, and even when I get the information needed the customer and myself are frustrated with the wait and poor quality of information in our system. It seems to keep people coming back we should be able to help them to find parts and support with out using an outside source?

The typical store or shop system as with most business systems, because of replacement costs and networking costs, are usually far slower than our Android phones. My repair shop has 8 workstations in the office and the shop. If I’m lucky I only have to replace 1 every year or so and always opt for the latest chip and OS.

Jim O’Neill
Chino Autotech Inc.

Unfortunately, this is the nature of the business. There will always be that something that you have to use unconventional methods to find. If it tends to be a recurring issue, get with upper management, be it the SM or higher. Someone is bound to care enough to help you get the tools you need to help your customers.

Matthew Vaughn
O’Reilly Auto Parts

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