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WIX XP Cabin Air Filters


WIX XP Cabin Air Filters Capture Virus Aerosol Particles

The WIX XP cabin air filter is widely available for most popular passenger vehicles.


WIX Filters announced its role in providing drivers and their passengers with cleaner air and decreased exposure to allergens.


WIX XP cabin air filters, with premium performance, feature PUR-AIR technology that filters virus aerosols as well as odors and allergens.

As the topic of air quality has increased in popularity, WIX Filters is committed to ensuring that its technology is engineered to deliver a more pleasing driver and passenger experience.

“Motorists are demanding cleaner air in their vehicles, so we need to ensure vehicle service professionals can provide the best technology to meet this demand,” said Donald Chilton, director of product management at MANN+HUMMEL. “We are in the business of ‘Clean,’ and we remain focused on advanced technologies that scrub odors, filter allergens and, now, capture virus aerosol particles.”


The filter features PUR-AIR Technology, a multi-layer protection that filters out up to 99% of allergens, like pollen and fine dust, absorbs odors, gases and pollutants and mitigates viral aerosols passing through the vehicle’s ventilation system.

The WIX XP cabin air filter is widely available for most popular passenger vehicles and can be installed by a professional or a DIYer in about 20 minutes.

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