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Zep Automotive Introduces New Patent-Pending Non-Chlorinated 50-State Compliant Brake Cleaner In Aerosol, Bulk Sizes

Zep Automotive’s Patent Pending Brake Cleaner delivers excellent cleaning power while meeting California ARB, OTC and LADCO VOC requirements, according to the company.


ATLANTA — Zep Automotive, a unit of Zep Inc., today announced the introduction of its reformulated, non-chlorinated 50-state compliant Brake Cleaner featuring an ultra-low VOC content with full-strength cleaning power. Zep Automotive’s Patent Pending Brake Cleaner delivers excellent cleaning power while meeting California ARB, OTC and LADCO VOC requirements. It quickly and easily removes brake fluid, oil, grease and other brake assembly contaminants from brake parts while also helping to silence disc brake squeal and chatter. Click to Tweet!


Automotive mechanics and industrial maintenance professionals will appreciate the cleaning power of the reformulated, low-VOC formula which, until recently, has been an impediment to product performance. Shop owners will appreciate how its effectiveness extends the cleaning capability of a single can and benefit from the associated reduced waste. Automotive aftermarket retailers will appreciate the option to stock a single 50-state compliant formula with efficacy matching the best brake cleaners on the market.

“This new 50-state compliant formula enjoys a significant performance advantage over low-VOC products currently on the market,” stated Joe Seladi, group president, Zep Inc. “Its innovative products like this from Zep Inc. that help mechanics and industrial maintenance professionals work more efficiently, saving both time and money – proving once again that We’ve Got a Zep for That!”


The new formula is available in both 20 oz. aerosol cans and 55 gallon containers.
The primary benefits of the reformulate 50-state brake cleaner include,
•Superior cleaning
•Powerful blasting spray
•Penetrates quickly without disassembly
•Cleans brake hard parts as well as linings
•Leaves no residue

Zep Automotive’s patent-pending non-chlorinated 50-state compliant brake cleaner is available exclusively at Advance Auto Parts alongside a complete line of high performance Zep Automotive products including, Carburetor Cleaner, White Lithium Grease and Engine Degreaser.

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