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'DNA Made In Italy' Event Set For Interauto - Moscow
The event, called DNA Made in Italy will involve four automotive equipment manufacturers from Italy - Cormach, Dino Paoli, Fasep and Future. More

TRW's Premium Chassis Program Tops 3,000 Mark
Complementing TRW's range of premium, all-makes brake pads, and with a strong focus on European and Asian Pacific references, this range extension of 531 parts will provide additional coverage on 132 million vehicles. More

Raybestos Launches Camaro Sweepstakes Promotion
One lucky winner will take home a Raybestos 1971 Chevrolet Camaro RS "G-Machine." More

Bosch Adds To Braking, O2 Sensor, Ignition Coil, Filter Lines
A total of 47 new part numbers has been added. More

Unipiezas Alfredo Celebrates First Parts Plus Store Opening In Puerto Rico
As part of the first jobber group in Puerto Rico to fly the Parts Plus banner, UniPiezas Alfredo hosted the event to showcase its more polished, professional image on a big stage, said Tony Rivera, president of UniPiezas Alfredo. More
The Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA) is rebranding itself as the Auto Care Association, and desires to change "aftermarket" to "auto care" to better represent what our industry really represents. Your take?
Auto care - I'm using it already! - 26%
I like "aftermarket" better - 74%
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The Science Of Drive Shaft Repair
During the early years of the automobile, automotive engineers were confronted with the problem of transmitting power from a fixed position at the transmission to the rear axle, which is traveling through a vertical plane. More

Offer Your Customers A Premium Oil Filter
Believe it or not, smaller particles cause more engine bearing wear than larger particles. Most wear is caused by particles in the 5 to 20 micron size range because that's the minimum oil film clearance between many bearings and their journals. More

Rack And Pinion Unit Repairs
The function of any steering gear is to transform the circular motion of the steering wheel into the linear motion needed to steer the front wheels right and left. More
Beck/Arnley Launches TRUE|Friction Brake Pad Series
TRUE|Friction pads are specifically designed to match the most current OE friction type by application, according to the company. More

Standard Motor Products Inc. Introduces QWIK-SENSOR Multi-Coverage Clone-able TPMS Sensor Line
QWIK-SENSOR Multi-coverage TPMS sensors are easily programmed with the new TechSmart T55003 TPMS tool and can be ID-cloned or factory relearned, techn... More

Arnott Introduces New Air Spring For E61 Chassis 2004-2010 BMW 5 Series Wagon With Self-Leveling Rear Suspension
The air springs - OEM numbers 3712675602 and 37126765603 - are in stock for immediate shipping, marking yet another milestone in the ongoing expansion... More
Ask The CounterPro
You ask. We answer.
I have a ford f250 77.3 desiel and fuel is getting in the cooling system. What may have caused this and what can I do to...
Hi, I have a Bosch MVCi and I would like to purchase software/lisence for it. I work on Asian and European cars. How do ...
91 toy land cruiser i need to find a part number for a power steering pump pulley
Articles: Operations
Flash: We're Delivering Auto Parts Faster Than Pizza
Mandy Aguilar remembers the days of zero deliveries to customers. The "you want it, come and get it before I close the door" business mindset was the norm back then; but, it was doomed to cease, he writes. More

The Philosophy Of Problem-Solving
In developing the problem statement, we provide a precise and, most importantly, measurable description of the current state based on factual evidence that is free of opinion. More

If You're Sitting, Try Standing. If Standing, Do The Reverse.
I recently got a standing desk at work to alleviate almost-constant sitting at my desk. ("Standing desk" is almost a misnomer; it's more like a sitting/standing desk. I'll tell you why shortly.) More

An Interview With Henry Hippert Of Eastern Catalytic
Counterman recently asked Henry Hippert, executive sales director of Eastern Catalytic, to bring readers up to speed on rules and regulations regarding catalytic converters. More

The Mad Rush To Secure Mobile Apps In The Automotive Aftermarket
A detailed search of Apple's iOS app store for the term "auto parts" now yields more than 250 apps available for download for both iPhones and iPads. More

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