WATCH Ask The Expert: What's That Car Smell? Here's How To Get Rid Of It

WATCH Ask The Expert: What’s That Car Smell? Here’s How To Get Rid Of It

While some odors can be temporarily covered up after detailing, once a car sits on a lot or driveway and bakes in the sun, a smell is likely to return. That's because the source of the odor hasn't been identified and removed.

Hey, what’s that smell? If you have to ask, it probably ain’t good! We’ll tackle car odors on this installment of Counterman’s Ask the Expert!

Hi guys, it’s Mark Phillips. Trent asks, “Can a bad smell really decrease the value of a car?” Well Trent, yes! Let’s think about this, I think you already know the answer. After all, it’s all about first impressions. While some smells can be temporarily covered up after detailing, once a car sits on a lot or driveway and bakes in the sun, a smell is likely to return. That’s because the source of the odor hasn’t been identified and removed. To tackle really bad smells, you need a product that will penetrate deep to control the bacteria that causes the odors, guaranteeing a great first impression on every test drive.

Do you run a business where you keep cars overnight? Are you looking to improve the smell of your own car? Products like vapor treatments really get into bad smells and break them up. What kind of businesses could benefit from products like this? Collision repair shops; paint, brake, auto body shops; rental operations, used car lots, you name it.

Why use a vapor treatment over another product? Unlike a spray, clip, or gel air freshener that only treats topically, a vapor permeates deep into carpets, seat cushions, and headliners to eliminate odors at their source. Thanks again to Trent for his question and stay tuned for the next installment of Counterman’s Ask the Expert. I’m Mark Phillips.

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