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Auto Parts 4Less Group Launches

The 4Less Group announced the company launched an MVP (minimal viable product) version of website on Aug. 26.

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The newest 4Less business enterprise joins under the 4LessGroup umbrella.

The 4Less automotive marketplace is a platform created entirely for a diverse group of trusted sellers from across the world to market and sell a wide range of automotive equipment for cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats and RVs. Approved sellers will include auto parts retailers, warehouse distributors and manufacturers for cars, trucks, commercial vehicles and specialty vehicles such as motorcycles, ATVs, boats and RVs, according to the company.


“We have great plans in store for and we can’t wait to share them with the automotive community as we launch this new platform,” says Christopher Davenport, president and founder of Auto Parts 4Less Inc., the wholly owned subsidiary of Auto Parts 4Less Group, Inc. “The e-commerce landscape is booming with so much to explore and now automotive parts customers will have a more convenient way to shop for the best products at the lowest prices.” additional features that will be rolled out over the coming months include:  

  • Zip code locator/local pick-up, which allows buyers to find the nearest store to save on shipping costs
  • Instant pay, a function for sellers that releases their funds almost instantly, compared to other marketplaces that can hold funds for up to two weeks

“The automotive parts retail industry is massive. It is highly fragmented with not only brick-and-mortar retailers but with an increasing number of online sellers as well,” said Tim Armes, president and CEO of the Auto Parts 4Less Group Inc. “With that said, it is one of the few remaining industries that is not represented by a flagship brand, online or brick and mortar. As such, our goal is for to one day soon be the go-to brand in the industry where consumers can shop and easily find the parts they need from a large portion of these retailers and be able to purchase them at a competitive price while doing so.”


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