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Autologue Computer Systems Unveils New Mobile Apps

Autologue Computer Systems has announced the release of two new products, ePart Mobile and eSalesBI for smartphones and tablets (Android and Apple).


BUENA PARK, Calif. – Autologue Computer Systems has announced the release of two new products, ePart Mobile and eSalesBI for smartphones and tablets (Android and Apple).
ePart Mobile now gives customers the ability to locate parts and pricing from “under the hood” while working on a vehicle. Service writers and professional technicians can simply scan the VIN code to populate year, make and model to more precisely access pricing, availability and pictures of the part on a smartphone or tablet. Customers also will be able to view delivery times and see signed invoices sent from the eDelivery Mobile app, which is used when the driver delivered the parts, which were simply signed for with a fingertip, on the device.
This mobile app also gives the installer the ability to use all the ePart functions such as:
* Stock Check and Inquiry
* Stock Order – replenish inventory
* Non-Catalog Parts and Accessories and Tools
* Body Parts catalog, with images
* See all parts previously ordered
* Reconcile Statements and view signed invoices
* See credits for Cores, Warranty returns and Stock Returns
* Store parts lists by vehicle for Fleet accounts
All the features of ePart are available wherever you are, whenever you want it. Images, specifications, prices and availability are at your, and your customer’s, fingertips any time, says Autologue.
Even more exciting, according to Autologue, is the eSalesBI mobile app. This new app will revolutionize the way outside sales teams, personnel and management interact with customers.
Imagine giving each outside salesperson all the information he or she needs about a customer before going in to make a sales call. What lines are your customer stocking? Not stocking? What are his return rates? Are sales trending upward or downward?
How valuable would it be to know how each customer’s purchases stack up against the sales for the entire company? For example, you know that a particular line or category produces a high percentage of volume, wouldn’t you like to know which customers are not supporting that line, or, perhaps more importantly, that your salesman knows this before he makes his next call.
All of this data will be available at your salesman’s fingertips and tied directly to their appointment calendar. eSalesBI has a complete contact management module; it includes appointment scheduling, call reporting and a calendar. There will also be customer notes, action items, alerts and promotions. Users can monitor and measure the productivity of an entire sales team. In addition, users can track a customer’s progress after the salesman’s presentation. This is CRM at its best, according to Autologue.
Ever wonder if your message is getting to your customers and when? With SalesBI you won’t be wondering any more. Access to eSalesBI is controlled by log-in, so only information you determine an individual should see will be available to them. Screens are customizable so the correct information can be displayed for each different user. Interactive, graphical “dashboards” allow users to monitor customers in an instant. The interactive “dashboard” can be used for all types of sales data: core eligibility, returns analysis, sales analysis, complete with alerts and notifications.
In addition to mobile device availability, the dashboard also will be available on any system with a data warehouse data feed. These dashboards will be available to anyone in your organization right at their PC.
eSalesBI can help users develop programs to win more business with target marketing, rewards, spiffs and contests. In this day and age when, "It’s all about the data,” getting that data to the right individuals when they need it is what Autologue’s new mobile apps do, the company says.
For more information, contact Autologue at 800-722-1113 To see more info on these products, click here.


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