Bedding Brakes Helps Pads, Rotors

Bedding Brakes Helps Pads, Rotors

This practice that many professionals let slip by can help improve the performance and quality of any brake job, Asimco says.


There are many opinions on bedding. Some manufacturers say it is not needed while others say it is an absolute necessity. Bedding is a process by which a thin layer of friction material from a set of new brake pads gets transferred to the rotor surface. This practice that many professionals let slip by can help improve the performance and quality of any brake job.

Rotors are treated with an anti-corrosion layer when packaged. Washing rotors thoroughly and removing any debris is a critical part of prepping.

Once installed, the brake pads and rotors need to be married. Initially, the pedal may feel soft when the surfaces are both “finished.”

By performing the bedding process, the two components marry and start working together as a whole, delivering the proper stopping power. Proper bedding has a multitude of advantages from improving the service life of pads and rotors as well as a firm pedal feel, to eliminating chances of brake judder issues as well as unwanted brake harmonics.

The vehicle has to be test driven to assure proper functionality before being handed over to the customer. Performing this process should be a part of the test drive and help deliver a brake service which performs well and has the least amount of chances for comeback.   

Bedding in procedure:

Asimco Advanced Performance Brakes

Step 1:

The intent of this procedure is to get your brakes to operating temperature. Drive to a speed of approximately 35-40 mph and start decelerating with light to medium pedal force to approximately 10 mph. Perform this procedure five to seven times.

Step 2:

Drive to a speed of approximately 55-65 mph and start decelerating with light to medium pedal force to approximately 15 mph. Perform this procedure seven to 10 times.

Step 3:

Once you are done performing this procedure, park the vehicle, all while doing your best not to have any aggressive brake usage. Let the car cool for about 45 mins to 1hr.


While driving try not to come to a aggressive stop as this can cause overheating

Generally, most brake pads will completely bed in the first 150 to 200 miles after install. Performing the burnishing process will provide for a great starting point.

Courtesy of Asimco

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