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Bosch Expands Wiper Blade Program For Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Nineteen wiper blade part numbers cover 6.4 million heavy-duty vehicles. In addition, 50 new part numbers have been added to the company’s remanufactured alternator line.



BROADVIEW, Ill. – Robert Bosch LLC has released its December New Part/Program Announcement for North America. Fifty new remanufactured alternator part numbers have been added to the rotating electric product line. In addition, a new wiper blade program for heavy-duty vehicles also is being announced, comprised of 19 part numbers.

122259BoschEvol_00000071500The new Bosch wiper blade program offers 85 percent coverage of Class 3-8 heavy-duty vehicles on the road in the U.S. and Canada, including applications for widely known domestic and import makes and models such as International, Peterbilt, Kenworth, Mack, Ford, Nissan, Volvo, Mitsubishi and more. Blade sizes available are 13- to 26-inch Bosch Direct Connect wiper blades and 16- to 26-inch Bosch Evolution beam wiper blades for driver as well as passenger sides. Accompanying the introduction of wiper blades for the heavy-duty market is the company’s 2014 Heavy Duty Wiper Blades Catalog.

“Bosch has been supplying wiper blades and systems to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and the independent aftermarket (IAM) for more than 80 years now and has pioneered some of the most advanced technologies in this category, with the most recent being ‘bracketless’ or ‘beam’ blades,” said Timo Reif, vice president, product marketing, Automotive Aftermarket North America, Robert Bosch LLC. “By introducing this wiper blade program for heavy-duty vehicles, Bosch is bringing its long-standing experience in advanced wiper blade technology to yet another key market segment.”


Remanufactured Alternators
The introduction of 50 new remanufactured alternator part numbers to the rotating electric product line adds coverage for Asian and domestic vehicles from model years 2001 through 2013. Applications include Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Subaru, General Motors, Ford and Chrysler.

“As these vehicles come out of the warranty period, they are prime candidates for service in the independent aftermarket,” said Reif. “Bosch remanufactured alternators offer consistent, powerful performance in extreme temperatures and are 100 percent tested to ensure that they meet or exceed original equipment specifications.”

For more information on Bosch products, visit www.boschautoparts.com.


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