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Bosch Launches ‘Finish First’ 2014 Mail-In Rebate

Cash rebates on Bosch QuietCast, EuroLine and Bosch Blue products.


BROADVIEW, Ill. – Bosch has announced its 2014 “Finish First” mail-in rebate program offering savings opportunities to consumers on its family of braking components. The offer is available to customers of participating U.S. repair shops between April 1, 2014 and Oct. 31, 2014.


The rebates (amounts as noted) apply to the following Bosch braking components:
•Bosch QuietCast Brake Pads, $15 per set
•Bosch QuietCast Rotors, $10 each
•Bosch EuroLine Brake Pads, $20 per set
•Bosch Blue Brake Pads, $10 per set
•Bosch Blue Brake Shoes, $10 per set

Rebate forms are available at participating repair shops. Customers purchasing applicable Bosch products should request the package UPC block from their service technicians. Along with the rebate entry form, customers must enclose dated receipts (or a copy of the receipt) showing the purchase of qualifying Bosch Braking Products and the UPC blocks from the individual qualifying Bosch Braking Products.

Offering best-in-class friction formulas, long life and quality performance, Bosch has been a key player in the braking industry since applying for its first braking system design patent in 1936. Bosch was instrumental in introducing such groundbreaking technologies as Antilock Braking and Electronic Stability Control to the market. In North America today, one in every three vehicles – whether Asian, Domestic or European – uses Bosch braking components.


Premium Bosch QuietCast Brake Pads use advanced, platform-specific friction materials matching the original equipment material type. Recently, Bosch introduced its first copper-free ceramic material to its offerings. All QuietCast pads are fitted with the industry’s best pre-attached rubber-core shims for long-lasting anti-squeal characteristics. Bosch QuietCast Brake Rotors provide superior heat dissipation and noise dampening ability, consistent performance and longer life.

Bosch EuroLine Brake Pads were developed as an OE replica line with the same look, feel and performance as European OE brake pads. They feature vehicle specific friction materials for consistent, durable braking in severe conditions.

Blue Disc Brake Pads feature advanced platform-specific friction formulas and multi-layer shims for enhanced noise-dampening and quiet operation. They are perfectly suited for the “everyday driver” seeking top performance and value. Bosch Blue Brake Shoes provide consistent, superior braking performance and durable construction for long life and extensive parking brake coverage, the company says.


The completed rebate form and accompanying materials should be mailed to Finish First Rebate, Dept. 36841, P.O. Box 6171, Douglas, AZ 85655-6171. Customers may monitor the status of their submissions at www.rewardsbymail.com or by calling 866-538-1178.

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