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Meet the February ‘Guess the Car’ Champion: Edgar Williams

The correct answer for the February contest was the Dodge Charger.


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Every month, Counterman’s “Guess the Car” contest challenges our readers to solve an automotive riddle, for a chance to win $100. And each month, we receive hundreds of responses from aftermarket professionals trying to guess the model of the vehicle depicted.

The correct answer for the February contest was the Dodge Charger. The winner for February is Edgar Williams, co-owner of Giles Auto Parts in Pearisburg, Virginia.

Now, let’s get to know the February “Guess the Car” champion.

CM: How long have you been working in the auto parts business?

EW: Twenty-six years. This was my wife’s grandfather’s store. This is our 50th year in business. We opened up in November of 1968, and I came along about 24 years later.

CM: What do you like most about your job?

EW: Different people everyday. You never know what you’re gonna run into. I’m not a mechanic, but people think I am. I know enough to get in trouble. But you try to help people out. When people are having car troubles, they just want someone to help them. And whether it’s me or the tech, they want to find out what’s wrong and they want it fixed, because they want a reliable piece of equipment.


In a small town like this, it’s friends and neighbors and family, so we really have to make sure we take the time to answer all the questions that we can and be good to the customers.

CM: What’s the strangest question a customer has asked you?

EW: Well, when I first started working here, I had a customer who wanted a radiator for a Volkswagen, and I didn’t know the difference. [The old-style VW Beetle had an air-cooled engine]. They didn’t know, and I didn’t know. So that was the strangest question. After that, we’ve used it as a joke for years.

CM: What’s the coolest car you’ve ever owned or worked on?

EW: A ‘69 Camaro Super Sport. Took the 350 out, put a 454 in.

CM: Did you own it?

EW: My brother actually owned it and raced.

CM: Did he let you drive it?

EW: Oh yeah. Not a lot, because it was his. But I got to work on it quite a bit; he did allow me that pleasure. He was the older brother, you know.


CM: Do you have any interesting hobbies? What do you do for fun?

EW: I’m a big baseball fan. I collect baseball cards. I’ve done that since I was 6 years old. I’m a Cincinnati Reds fan; I grew up with the “Big Red Machine” back in the ‘70s. I played high school baseball. I tried out for the minor leagues, but I didn’t make it.

I was the official scorer for the Texas Rangers when they had a minor league affiliate next to us. Baseball was more my dream; cars was how I could make a living. It’s kind of weird that it worked out that way, but one in a trillion make it to the major leagues. I had some talent – I was hitting 92, 93 on the radar gun back in high school. They took a look at me anyway.

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