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NUCAP Announces New Back Plates To Solve An O.E. Braking Challenge

The back plates will be manufactured at NUCAP’s own facility in Shanghai, China.


NUCAP has announced its latest back-plate project win involving FineBlankPlus with stepped-chamfer and NRS mechanical attachment for the North American FORD Transit platform. This is a result of NUCAP providing a thermally-resistant mechanical attachment solution capable of lasting across the brake pad life-time. The back-plates will be manufactured at NUCAP’s own facility in Shanghai, China.


“The brake pad environment is a harsh one, with elevated temperatures that will degrade adhesives and paints. Adhesives are simply not adequate for sustained attachment integrity between the friction and the back-plate,” said Parimal Mody, Global VP of Technology, Sales and Business Development at NUCAP. “This is a necessary and sufficient step to ensure safe brake pads across the life of the vehicle. Simply put, if an OE application has NRS – necessitated by fundamental system design considerations – then all service pads to follow must have the same or equivalent mechanical attachment.”

GALVANIZED NRS SAFE is a patented process for the surface modification of disc brake backing plates, adding a consistent matrix of raised steel hooks that facilitate a mechanical bond between galvanized disc brake plate and friction materials, NUCAP says.


According to NUCAP, NRS is often called “the hidden benefit,” essentially invisible on a finished brake pad while delivering brake products that are:

• Safe
• Quiet
• Green
• Longer Lasting

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