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New Professional Contact Cleaner From Penray

This Professional Contact Cleaner provides cleaning action for sensitive equipment.

Penray Introduces Synthetic Media Heavy-Duty Coolant Filters

According to Penray, the key to the effectiveness and durability of these new heavy-duty coolant filters is the company’s fiberglass-based filtering media incorporated into a sophisticated triple-layer design that provides exceptional filtration, even in extreme operating conditions.

A Wide Array of Winter Products from Penray

Although the calendar says it is fall, there is no better time than the present to prepare for the long winter ahead. With that in mind, Penray has a complete line of winter products that should keep vehicles nice and toasty when the winter weather hits.   Although the calendar says it is fall, there

Penray Now Offer Fluid Exchange Machines

Penray has partnered with Flo-Dynamics to offer high-quality fluid exchange machines on the market. These versatile, high-quality machines can be purchased or leased through Penray. Penray has partnered with Express Funding Solutions to offer long-term lease options. Penray’s line of fluid exchange machines includes nine different machines for flushing brake fluid, A/C refrigerants, transmission fluid, nitrogen,

Penray Super-X 215 Bonus Size Heavy Duty Carburetor Cleaner

Penray’s Super-X 215 Bonus Size Heavy Duty Carburetor Cleaner is formulated to help restore carburetor performance by removing gum, varnish, carbon deposits and dirt build-up. It cleans and frees automatic chokes, carburetor linkage, fuel injection intake systems, manifold heat controls and the PCV smog valve and will help the engine start easily, idle smoothly and