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Combustion Barriers Piston Rings are Critical to Engine Health

With regular oil and filter changes, many engines now go 150,000 miles or more without developing an appetite for oil – and that’s been a real challenge for engine parts suppliers and distributors.

11th Annual Tech Forum

Your customers are one of the most important aspects of your business. And when they need your help, you need to be ready with the knowledge and the answers that will help them. This month, Counterman presents some of the most pressing issues surrounding the following topics and what customers are asking. Q: My customer

New Information Technology

Automotive technicians deserve more credit than theyre given. Many really are becoming more Internet savvy and computer literate.

The Brains Behind the Wheel

This is not your fathers Oldsmobile. These days cars are smart, equipped with computers that monitor everything from timing to traction.

Selling the ‘Maintenance Free’ Ignition System

What does maintenance free really mean? When it comes to ignition systems, theres still plenty of maintenance to do.

Selling the Belt and Hose Market

To stay afloat, in the aftermarket, parts stores must learn to ebb and flow with the changes in technology and distribution.

Prevention is Always Cooler than the Cure

Whether a vehicle is powered by a gasoline engine or a diesel engine, they both need a cooling system to keep the engine from overheating. Almost a third of the energy thats released in the combustion chamber is absorbed by the engine and cooling system as waste heat. Its enough BTUs (British Thermal Units) to

Supporting Technical Education

Stepping out of the Stone Age into modern reality may be a challenge for some, but it’s inevitable.

Technical Sales Seminar

Make The Sale! This month, Counterman presents one of its more popular annual Features: Counterman’s Technical Sales Seminars. As in past years, we again present technical and sales information written to help parts professionals better understand what they are selling and ways to be better at selling them. The Technical Sales Seminars are full of

Climate Control Systems: Selling A/C Parts

Now is a perfect time to check your A/C inventory to ensure that you’ll be ready when the hot weather arrives. You might not be giving much thought to air conditioning products this time of year; however, summer will be here in just a few short months. And with it will come hot weather and

Mastering the Art of Service Advisor Communication

Learn the who, the what, the when, the where and the why of selling to service writers.

Customer Expectations: DIY vs. Professional Customers

Selling Braking Systems Parts Different kinds of customers expect different kinds of service.