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ThyssenKrupp Bilstein Receives ‘Vehicle Dynamics International Award 2014’

International panel of experts gives award to DampTronic sky shock absorbers.


Suspension specialist ThyssenKrupp Bilstein has won another prestigious award. The jury of international journalists from the globally renowned OE trade journal “Vehicle Dynamics International” has awarded ThyssenKrupp Bilstein the coveted “Vehicle Dynamics International Award 2014” as supplier of the year for their DampTronic sky shock absorbers. The progressive technology and outstanding value for money of the DampTronic sky shocks were the decisive factors in the clear decision of the specialist jury.


“We are very proud of this award,” commented ThyssenKrupp Bilstein managing director Guido Grandi. “To be awarded this prize by a specialist jury of international journalists is a wonderful tribute to our continuous work of developing high-quality technologies for our customers."
With the new generation of the DampTronic sky, the damping force is adjusted by two infinitely variable adjustment valves on each shock absorber. One valve controls the alternating rebound and compression stages. Using the data from the acceleration and wheel speed sensors, the suspension control unit can individually adjust the damping forces for each wheel in a matter of only a few milliseconds, thus compensating the road influences which spoil driving comfort.
Thanks to the adjustment valves, the shock absorbers are also able to ensure damping force adjustment in the high-frequency range of wheel vibration. With its independent adjustment of the rebound and compression forces, the new BILSTEIN DampTronic sky is the high-end system of semi-active damping force adjustment, the company says.

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