Timken Adds Full Line Of Wheel End Parts

Timken Adds Full Line Of Wheel End Parts

The Timken Co. has expanded its product offering to include a full line of commercial vehicle wheel end components.

CANTON, Ohio — The Timken Co. has expanded its product offering to include a full line of commercial vehicle wheel end components. By combining commercial vehicle seals and wheel end products with Timken quality and engineering expertise, customers can ensure their wheel end system is made 100 percent of Timken components, the company says.

“Taking a system approach to wheel end part selection can mean trouble-free installation because all the components will fit correctly, install easily and can keep turning reliably for more miles,” said Dan Humphrey, Timken manager for the commercial vehicle aftermarket. “Automotive aftermarket customers who turn to Timken for wheel end parts can expect reliable service, simplified through a single-supplier selection.”

Timken commercial vehicle wheel end components include tapered roller bearings, seals, nuts, hub caps, hubodometers and accessory tools.

  • Timken tapered roller bearings, the core of wheel end components, do all the heavy lifting. With Timken experience in just about every kind of wheel end application, today’s bearings are designed to roll easier, install faster and last longer than ever.
  • Timken seals with advanced internal geometries help keep lubrication in and debris out. Timken seals are available in a variety of materials to meet fleet needs in a range of sizes to fit all common power units and trailers. They also offer seal installation tools.
  • The Timken Axilock nut is designed for more accurate end-play setting compared with typical three-piece nuts. The nut also installs easily, which reduces time in the bay and can help ensure installation is done right.
  • Durable construction and a secure fit ensure Timken hub caps provide a strong defense, warding off weather and helping protect wheel end components from damage.
  • Timken hubodometers are designed and built for the long haul and provide accurate information needed to alert you that it is time to bring a unit in for service.
  • Hot Dots provide an at-a-glance indication of overheated wheel ends, serving as a visual cue for technicians and drivers.
  • Timken dial indicators help take precise measurements to set the correct clearance when installing wheel end bearings.

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