United Motor Products Adds 12 New Sensor Categories

United Motor Products Adds 12 New Sensor Categories

With the continued growth in the engine management space, UMP is adding product lines that help increase the margins and ROI of its customers.

United Motor Products (UMP) releases 12 new sensor categories with VIO coverages from 31,000,000 to more than 232,000,000 vehicles. Products are ready and available for shipment.

With the continued growth in the engine management space, UMP is adding product lines that help increase the margins and ROI of its customers.  

“UMP will continue to add new Engine Management product categories, support inventory and provide the marketing tools our customers need to help keep them one step ahead of the competition,” said Rick Maxwell, president of United Motor Products.

New Categories & VIO Coverages:

ABS Speed Sensor (ABS) — VIO coverage = 110,419,643

Air Temperature Sensor (ATS) — VIO coverage =  31,946,430

Camshaft Position Sensor (CAM) — VIO coverage = 136,942,895

Crankshaft Position Sensor (CRK) -— VIO coverage = 71,102,891

Coolant Temperature Sensor (CTS) — VIO coverage = 81,506,310

Knock Sensor (KNK) — VIO coverage = 50,340,691 

Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor (MAP) — VIO coverage = 40,614,018 

Oil Pressure Sensor (OPS) — VIO coverage = 87,769,742 

Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) — VIO coverage = 36,642,960 

Relays (RLY) — VIO coverage =  232,465,893

Wiring Harness Connector (CON) — VIO coverage = 229,458,367 

Blower Motor Resistor (BMR) — VIO coverage = 131,272,101

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