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Alliance Hosts Rep. Tony Gonzales At San Antonio Headquarters

The Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance hosted U.S. Rep. Tony Gonzales, 23rd District of Texas, at its San Antonio headquarters on Oct. 3. 


Gonzales joined Alliance executive-staff members to discuss some of the aftermarket’s most pressing issues for warehouse distributors and their shop customers. The discussion also focused on the American consumer and the critical need for the driver to have access to their own vehicle’s data.

“Choice is what matters. The American consumer, the motorist, should have a choice in where they get their vehicle repaired,” said JC Washbish, vice president sales and marketing at the Alliance. “We are thankful that Rep. Gonzales took the time to meet with us today to hear our voice. We are hopeful that he strongly considers co-sponsoring the REPAIR act next year.”


The Right to Equitable and Professional Auto Industry Repair Act, or REPAIR Act, H.R. 6570, focuses on preserving the consumer’s access to high-quality and affordable vehicle repair while ensuring vehicle owners have a choice as well as access to their vehicle’s data.

Washbish also encouraged Gonzales to join the Auto Care Caucus in the 118th Congress next session. By joining the caucus, a legislator is signifying that the industry and its issues are important to them. The hopeful outcome being that enough constituents request their legislators to join and effect positive policy outcomes for the industry.

“It is our responsibility to inform our lawmakers of our needs,” Washbish added. “No one else is going to do this for us. I urge everyone to take action now. Write to your legislator. Invite them to your place of work. Tell your story. Our livelihoods and the wellbeing of our industry is on the line. Thank you to Tod Moore, Auto Care Association, for assisting in scheduling Rep. Gonzales’s visit.”


For more information on hosting a lawmaker at your facility, visit https://www.autocareadvocacy.org/take-action-host-your-lawmaker/.

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