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Alliance Summer Shareholder Summit 2021

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Alliance Kicks Off Virtual 2021 Summer Shareholder Meeting

The Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance kicked off its virtual Summer Shareholder Meeting Wednesday morning. The meeting is the Alliance’s fourth virtual meeting within 12 months. 

The meeting began Wednesday, June 9, from Alliance headquarters in San Antonio. More than 500 shareholders and channel partners registered for the three-day event.

“We are excited to host our shareholders and valued channel partners for another engaging virtual event,” said John R. Washbish, president and CEO of the Alliance. “I look forward to watching our shareholders continue to grow and collaborate during this meeting and moving forward.”

The Alliance prepared an action-packed agenda for the meeting. The Wednesday shareholder-only session includes several executive channel-partner interviews; departmental updates from the Alliance’s information technology, product and sales & marketing staff; board of directors interviews; an executive committee report with the Alliance’s board director, secretary and treasurer; and updates from many of the Alliance’s strategic committees.

Highlights from the joint shareholder and channel-partner general-session agenda Thursday include continuations of the executive committee report; strategic committee updates; board of directors interviews; and departmental presentations. The show also will include an industry report from the Alliance’s Channel Partner Advisory Council, who provide a pulse on business, travel, training, AWDA and more.

The Alliance will conclude the show Friday with a general session featuring a news-style update from Alliance Parts Warehouse, followed by a principals-only meeting.

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