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American Muscle Car Museum Selects CTEK As Official Charger/Maintainer

The museum, located on 42 acres, includes 90,000 square feet of vehicle display area, an 18,000-square-foot showroom and an adjacent 15,000-square-foot maintenance and restoration facility for the collection.


The American Muscle Car Museum, a collection of over 250 cars that range from classic 1950’s to 1970’s American muscle cars, has selected CTEK as their Official Supplier of Charger/Maintainers. Located in Melbourne, FL, the 123,000 square-foot complex houses the collection of Mark Pieloch, the founder of a number of animal medicine and supplement flavoring companies. 


“All of our cars are in either excellent original, or concours restored condition,” said Pieloch. “Having a CTEK charger/maintainer on each car is part of our rigorous maintenance program. Every car must be able to start on a moments notice.”

The museum, located on 42 acres, includes 90,000 square feet of vehicle display area, an 18,000 square foot showroom, and an adjacent 15,000 square foot maintenance and restoration facility for the collection. The private museum is not open to the public, but is open to host numerous non-profit fundraisers, car activities, and educational tours for school-age children.

The collection includes more than 40 Indianapolis 500 pace cars & trucks; more than 30 Shelbys, including a 2017 Shelby GT350R; 24 Yenkos–at least one car for every make and model ever built–which makes it the most extensive Yenko car collection in the world; and over 80 First Place National Show winners


“The American Muscle Car Museum places extremely high standards for the cars in its collection,” said Bobbie DuMelle, executive vice-president of CTEK North America. “We are honored that they place their trust in CTEK chargers/maintainers to keep the batteries in these beautiful cars in top condition.”

The museum will be using CTEK MXS 5.0 chargers, the newest member of the CTEK family. The CTEK MXS 5.0 has an automatic temperature sensor to ensure the duration and rate of charge is exactly the amount needed. The microprocessor-controlled CTEK MXS 5.0 (part # 40-206) is the first in a new generation of smart chargers that is able to sense the battery condition throughout the charging cycle, avoiding overcharging that can damage cells and shorten battery life.


Within the car collection there are 60+ cars with less than 100 original miles, 30+ cars with between 100 to 999 original miles and 25+ cars with between 1,000 to 9,999 original miles. As you stroll through the Museum you will literally see the “Who’s Who” of American Muscle cars.

In addition to the cars, the collection also includes vintage balloon tire bicycles, auto related neon signs, antique gas pumps, jukeboxes, pedal cars, vintage soda coolers, motorcycles, and more.

For further information on the MXS 5.0, and the complete range of CTEK Battery Chargers and accessories, please visit

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