Charles Dumont, Author at Counterman Magazine
Introduction To Vehicle Restoration

In restoration, the body and paint are the most time-consuming and costly aspects of the project.

Vehicle Restoration
Buy Online/Pick Up In Store

The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of a hybrid shopping model.

Are Headlights Too Bright?

Customers who ask for the brightest headlight bulbs available could be putting other drivers at risk.

Selling Heavy-Duty Parts

Selling heavy-duty parts isn’t easy, but the extra effort can pay off in a big way.

MAF vs. MAP Sensors

These hard-working sensors play a key role in regulating the engine’s air/fuel ratio.

Diagnostic Trouble Codes: The 4 Common Categories

Understanding the four common categories of diagnostic trouble codes will solidify your standing as a trusted counter pro.

Speaking From Experience, They’re Not All The Same

If I had a dime for every time I’ve heard this expression at the parts counter: “They’re all the same.”

The Great Outdoors: Tips For Selling Trailer Parts

Addressing these maintenance items can help ensure that your customers’ last-minute camping trips go off without a hitch.

A Closer Look At Carburetors

When diagnosing problems, a compression test is the place to start.

Replacing Catalytic Converters

When replacing a catalytic converter, it’s important to know whether the vehicle falls under EPA or CARB emissions standards.